Based in Las Vegas, NV, 23-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Care Ausar, the multi-talented  Greensboro NC native shows her creativity and originality in everything she does. As a  musical artist, her songs include messages of self-worth, enlightenment, empowerment, relationships, struggle, passion, survival, love, pain, and celebration.  Each track is deeply relatable to listeners of all ages.

Care began singing for audiences at the early age of seven. By eight years old, after winning North Carolina's first Triad Idol singing competition,  she decided that music was her passion and her purpose. Care found herself drawn to the stage and began to receive invitations to perform as an opening act for several National Recording Artists, the NBA, Universities, Corporations, and for State and local dignitaries across the Southeast region and NYC.   

By the age of 19, she moved to Las Vegas and Care's artistry continued to blossom. She was selected to perform venues such as The House of Blues and Paris Hotel and Casino. She was chosen by Sound by Dawson and recording artist Avehre to be studio singer/vocalist and on the songwriting team for legendary recording artist Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men for his upcoming solo project. In 2019, It was an honor for Care to be selected to perform background vocals for Grammy Award Winning national recording artist H.E.R. at the iHeart Radio Festival. She also performed the local scene for Las Vegas Fashion Week and was accompanied by The Noir Movement Band. Care has been writing with national producers Big White Beats and Victor "Vdub" Wilson as songwriter/artist in hopes of placement in the music business. Sound by Dawson, a master sound engineer, has ventured out as a music producer as well and has been making amazing music with Care. Meanwhile, along with writing, she is working diligently on vocals, guitar, piano, and production to enhance her career. 

Care has always wanted to be an International Recording Artist. She admires artists such as Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and more. She knows this is her destiny. Her time is NOW!!! With her first single entitled "No Good" already trending due to its unique sound and easy marketability, the song has been selected as her first placement on the new Amazon Prime series "Hidden Springs."  She is excited to introduce you to her sound and is anxious to upbuild as





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